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xiaoshiipeiiL: Thanks ;D
wy: index 5 nice ar? I like index 3 ;D
nona: Thanks! But is still thinking first, not sure yet :(
wy: ;D
STELLA: Skinny? I'll take that as a compliment, thanksya! ;D
to STELLA: Erm, you're.. ? Do put your name, thanks!
fionna: yup, she's fat. Must be..
wy: Milk is good for body ;D *moooo*
wy: Thanks! ;D
fionna: *reading newspaper* I think there's a page about lost insane bird? ;D
Anno: I don't get what you mean.. o.o
Yosuke Aoi: Bro, don't wanna draw also alrights. Don't need make me so like I'm forcing you, guilty eh x.x
Lyn: Thanks sister ;D
JieQi: Relinked(:
wy: Yoh!
wy: wo shi SUPERMAN!
STELLA: I LOVE HARRY POTTER! *so random* o.o
wy: Yes, dot x___x
Fionna: Haiis, bird still MIA siols ):

Missed out yours? Do tell me ;D yeah?

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