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Brendon - Relinked(:
Shana - Thanks
Random - Thanks!
Tiffany K. - G.ChioBu , linkedd(:
//Xueting - Linkya ^^
xiaoshiipeii - Linktoo ;D
wy - you then zi dong aunti ;P
fionna - NP(: LOL!
Shana - Thanks!
Yosuke Aoi =3 - Same here! Hahas
Lester <3 - Yup, DGM is nice. Lavi rawks. Shugo Chara I wanted to watch, but no time. Too bad for me. Hahas.
wy - <3
wy - Thanks!
Gerard Di - Me is guai kia wors. Hahas. Nah, today can't go out T.T AHHH!

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