by - 4:26 AM

HOHO! I got home long ago. Around 1plus going two? I woke up today super early despite today is a Sunday. Why? Cause I went to pray to my dad with my whole family. Then my erjie wanted to buy shoes so we went with her to Parkway there to accompany her. Both sisters bought their shoes in the end but took a long hour there inside the shop. Then mum instead to buy new spec for me, although I felt that I still wanted to use my old one.

Choose my spec for like a long time again.. I have no choice but to take the half frame black one. You think I got a choice? I wanted to buy full frame black, cause it looked so nerdy can? But mum said not suit me, which I think so too. Then I acutally wanted to buy one redish-purple one, full frame. Looks cute, but Erjie said I looked werid in it, despite mum and Dajie said okie. Then wanted to buy one black with bit of redish one, full frame, but in the end I also don't know why it was taken out of my list and left the only one.. Black, half-frame spec. It just looked same as my current one, just that I liked my current one more. Although it's like crap already. I like it one reason is that I can't don't needa care for it so much and throw it just around :D

Then I found out that I dropped 25degree!! :D YEAH! YAHOO!~ Then the spec is so expensive, so not going to buy from there can? 159bucks. Stupid!

Then actually wanna go IMM find Fai Lun Hai.. but mum don't let.. ):

And now .. SS!!!!! SHSXDH#$^&#$&

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