What a Day..

by - 7:55 AM

Today went to KuroBara at Liang Court, and was with Fiona, Joey, DingChao, Brendon and Donovan. Chin Yong didn't came today. Today was first time I waited so long for people to come.. Me, Ding Chao and Fiona meet 1st and was waiting at the food court and told Donovan to come up but he just stupidly refused to. Baka!

Then waited for Brendon for years and he finally came. Joey? Was the last, as usual if I didn't always crop up things halfway :D

Then we went to Central and I showed them where I last ate on my birthday. Super yummy Japanese food. Wakaru! :D But some of them made so much noise in there and I got myself xiasway.. You can never feel my pain :( I won't be eating or showing them nice places at high classy places, no more. Got tricked so many times already. 1st at Ajisen and now this. It's really got me on my limits. Got 50bucks then is your choice don't want to spent then wanna go in and get out of the shop like you did last time at Ajisen, no way. This is a thosand times more high class then normal students can go in such places like Pepper Lunch, Ajisen and Pasta Mania. Which I think their pasta wasn't really that wonderful and why go there again and again..

Then finally got into eating and shutting all their mouth, we got off the shop. SUPER! *sigh* Then walked to Liang Court. It was super hot can? Then we saw Miranda BaoBeii and friends on our way :D Great! ^^

Then reached there and found out it was such a small event and smaller then I thought.. And we just walked around.. And taking people's pic. And I mean cosplayers. HA! And I fianlly got time to watch the event. The competition, I mean :D

But still.. It just feel super werid not cosplaying.. LOL!

Anyways, sister nagging.. Gotta go ;D

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