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I'm so tired and bored right now. Just got home around 7PM plus just now. Intent to go home and take a nap today, but I have no fucking idea why it's so late. I just slacked around with Chanel, two XY, one YX, Joey and Brendon at 3A classroom till 4PM plus and waited for Joey to eat her lunch till so slow and I went to Compass myself. But on the way saw Jeslyn and go with her. Bus83 is so WTFuck can? Lols, so lousy..

Then went to buy a POA file, like.. FINALLY?!? LOL! Then intent to dirt it at one corner. LOL! With all my rest of the POA worksheets. HA! Got POA homework, but too lazy to do, so .. Haha! I gotta off to sleep already. After I off my computer at 10PM, and wash my fucking face which I hate it as it's so hard to stop pimples from growing. WTFUCK?!?

Then me and Jeslyn went to PasarMalam and buy food till we're money-less, and slacked at a corner and enjoyed out food. HA! Then we saw Donovan and XinYi. Then we 'stalked' them with them knowing. Haha! Then we took evidences! HAHA! Will have it up TOMORROW! Unless one of them can and bribe me! HOHO!

Then send Jeslyn home and she asked me to stalk one hot guy which I thought why not but lost track of that pink t-shirt guy. Hahs! Then saw Donovan sent finish XinYi home already and actually intented to go and slack more with Brendon but I found out that she's.. no he's already home. Ha! LOL! Then I slacked near my house that and went home when I saw my mum going out to buy dinner for me. HA! She's fast! LOL!

Then went home and she's already back with the food! LOL! SUPERWOMAN! LOL! Then went to use computer till now. Hahs!

Donovan is a DAOSTER! ;D

What's wrong with me? I keep calling people daoster nowadays.. Hahs, but Donovan is really a daoster! ^^

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