Duh .

by - 2:38 AM

I'm here again. What a day.. Didn't went to school today. I read back some posts I written over this two years, and I found out some careless mistakes I type there but I'm still too lazy to change it. No one will wanna go and view my pasts right? LOL! Then I saw some pictures. I was totally ... LOL! I saw alot of faces that change alot from sec1 till now. But I changed alot too^^ Got tie up hair and short hair and all sorts. Hahs. Winona changed alot too. Yilin too. I found out that my clothing style sucks last time. Hahs. Finally changed already.

This font is so nice. I wanna continue using this. Hahs. Stupid Plurk, Fionna win me already. Just because I two days didn't plurk, she win me and my plurk dropped -0.06 only. Whatever.

I wanna continue to watch my MIT already.

Stupid, I'm still very sick.. I ate two panadol yesterday and the day before and guess what? I'm now very itchy all over my body. I can't stand it. I rather continue to have fever than this. Headache still here and throat still pain.. Somemore tomorrow I still gotta go for Choir. Totally don't feel like going can? I hope everyone forget about it.

Oh.. Can't blog nor watch MIT already. Cause mum asked me to off computer. It's now six o'clock already..

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