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by - 5:53 AM

Hello small people, big people and super big people! I'm here again! WUTLOL!!

I'm currently now sick due to some unknown virus attack me. LOL! Well.. I got some what high fever, throat pain(I lose my voice totally), body ache(esp kidneys), running nose(as worst as marcus tee) and all those you can name of the illness, I think I all kena. Haiis..

I think becare I broke my mirror like few days ago.. I think that's why I'm down to this sickness. Although it's good that I can't go school, but I'm still very sick and unwell. Can't believe, this year is the year that I keep on falling sick. I have no idea too.

And I still can't believe that Winona and Fionna wanted to get sick so badly. LOL! Just come to 3A classroom. I think that's the case. Last year I was in 3B's classroom and I'm as healthy as a hush puppy. LOL! But this year.. I don't know.. LOL! But 3B's classroom now stinks like hell man, esp after recess. WUTLOL?!?

Well, that's for today.. Yesterday? Lalalas~ I didn't EAT FOR THE WHOLE DAY(only Jeslyn's mum gave me a soyabean drink and a small cute cake:D) AND F.Y.I , THIS IS ANGELUS CHAN JING WEN AL RIGHT, no mistake.

Recess unwell, so didn't eat. Then more unwell when Jeslyn send me a sms. And sick in Indra's lesson which he shouted me again. Or should I say, humiliated? Then by Mrs Hwee's lesson, I'm totally sick and cold and lying dead on my table which Ms or Mrs Anba asked me to sit up stright and wake up. Whatever~~

Then lunch time was so busy trying to do Mr Ong's worksheet. Then finally finished. Hanatarou helped me some. Thanks!{: Then saw Evelyn and went down with her and laze around untill we feel like going into Choir Room. LOL! Then went in. I'm not feeling well. My throat hurts but I still continue to sing. Charmaine said that I'm singing out of tune or like weird weird one. Of cause, cause I'm sick.

Then I few hours didn't drank any water. Then after Choir, we are quite late release already. Then me and Jeslyn went to the Police Station and report a case. So I didn't eat nor drink. And we make a case took 3long hours. We talked to the person named Alvin and reported the case for 2hours. Then we waited awhile for another officer to come from AMK PS to come. We took a statement each, total of a hour for both of us. I came out and saw Jeslyn's mother, later join by her dad. Then I went home after that with Jeslyn and her parents. Like around 10.30+ I reached home. And my mum cooked instant noodles for me to eat.

That's all. I gotta go already. - sick

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