So yeah?

by - 12:22 AM

Hello, I'm back home. Just got back from school. Just slacking in school again and waited for ah Ben to asked his friend, a girl, to come and gave me something to pass to Joey, Candyfloss and a letter. LOL! Then got it and waited for Joey to come to school to collect her stuffs and we left. Saw Alvis and ChinYong. Stupid Alvis, just because you SL president I scare of you wors? LOL!

Fine fine.. Today very unlucky. Daydream the whole day. Then during SS, Ms Farah asked me some stupid stupid which I don't know the answer, for that question only. The rest I know. Then she just sway sway asked me that. Then I can't find the answer, and she's giving pressure, just like what Joey says. Then I just tyco tyco point at the paper to her. And it's wrong. Then she said I took a long time and get the wrong answer some more. WTHell?!?

Whatever.. I'm going to fix my 7390 later. Going IMM to pass it to Brendon's mother to get her to go nokia and fix it. Stupid phone. Then now I charging the battery now. LOL! Meeting Brendon 3.45PM, and now is 3.28PM. Whatever.. Heard that ZhiFeng and Donovan is coming along too. =="

Okie fine, I should get change and stuffs. Stupid hot weather, I keep having unused proteins out.. Whatever. Seeya!
OMG! It's 3.53PM! RUSH RUSH RUSH!! =="
OMG! XinYi asked me a super random question... o.o Don't think too much, LOL!

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