Tiredd D:

by - 6:37 AM

I really can't believe that 4months has passed. I guess I've been living in my own world. I don't understand why this year passed so fast. It seems that I been over with my CA1 and mid-year is just weeks ago. To be specific, it's less than 3weeks. I'm starting to get worry.. No, I already worried alot. But no point worrying when I don't even have time to do some self-revision. And CCA is part of the fault actually. I can't believe that I'm so going to SYF. Can I back out? I don't intent to perform in that ugly dress. I rather cosplay.

I really don't have time. Homework are way too much, no time to sleep and headache everyday. Only today I don't really care much as I know I needa take out some time to relax myself. I spent 3hours after Sport's Day ended with Jeslyn in Hougang Mall(and got bullied), and when home at around 4.30PM going 5PM. Then on TV to watch my FullMetal Alchemist. I really rather to be a Alchemist than a Student!!! State Alchemist although is like a dog, at least it has more freedom. But the test is hard. LOL! Which test is not hard one x.x

I intent to change my blogskin over again. I wanna make it more more more MORE neat ;D But I don't seems to have time. Will try to take out some time to do so.

I didn't went to Choir yesterday. I really can't stand it. I dropped dead when I reached home. I can't stand it. I slept for 3hours. But at night I seems to have insoumine and I can't sleep till 4.30AM. I really hate it!! Then today I'm so dead tired. Stupid! @!%&$

Then late for Sport's Day. I skipped Sec1's Sport's Day as I got band. I shared taxi with Fionna and SinYi last year. This year Fionna didn't go, so I gotta go myself and I'm late o.o Should have taken a cab. I missed 2buses at Hougang Interchange. LOL! But there's alot of people late with me. And this is the 1st ever time in my life that the teachers didn't scold us when we arrived so late. After our normal morning 'prayer' LOL!

I leave 5mins, I no time to watch my MIT already. Nevermind. LOL! I really hate going to school. I'm doomed! Bio and POA test sure failed. Cause yesterday didn't really do finish all the questions.. T.T

P/S Try watching F.M.A ;DD

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