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Hahs, guess what time is it now? It's 1.01AM! I just got home like less than half an hour ago?! LOL! I went to Marcus Tee chalet for his birthday is tomorrow. Hahs! No.. It's today! Haha! HappyBirthday! ;DD

Oh shyt! Holy mama! I just found of that I drinking coke that Marcus's mum treated us from BK just now, my whole keyboard is wet! o.o Wonderful~

Later going back to the chalet again, six o'cloak?! This is so fun.. morning call needed, but who cares? I wanna go escape theme park! Lalas~ Mr Luke Tan is coming too.. wonderful! Can have more fun! Wanna see him if he's going to wear hot pink tee or what..[:

Oh.. my mum is still not asleep.. I gotta go.. More to update later.. Seeya! I don't wanna get caught or I can't go out nor use computer.. Must study, SIAO!(:

Me and YiLin..

Took a hard time to get a good pic.. o.o Looks blur too.. Stupid phone! HAHA!

Oh.. and talking about phone, my 7390 won't be with me till quite a long time.. So.. I'll not miss it! HAHA! Now using one SUPER LOUSY SAMSUNG NOT USER-FRIENDLY PHONE! Stupid! LOL! At least got a phone to use. Pity me? Buy or lend me a phone? LG Cookie or Iphone is welcome!(: LOL! Just kidding^^

Ended with pic! Chalet's mirror is good for zilian, peepo~! ♥


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