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Hello people! I'm back from Marcus Tee's chalet at DowntownEast. LOL! L2110ROOM( I think) LOL! Ton there for the whole night and didn't even get to sleep at all. WTH! Hahs!

Only me, Brendon, Donovan, Sherlyn, Marcus, and yes, blah blah people which too up most of the spaces in the room, which there's only ONE fucking room. Oh boy, I don't even have the space to walk. LOL! Then stayed outside to gather and chit-chat at first and we got two entertainers to entertain us, Opps! LOL!

Then after that went to play our childhood game! 'TRUTH OR DARE'! WUTLOL?!?! Then very tycoly, the stupid bottle kept turning to Joel, then play play play.. Then dare and truth and all those craps which some of them I got smt, forgot already. LOL! And there's some TRUTH story that we heard too ^^ *puke*

Then Brendon don't know why.. I think he home sick or what, went home. LOL! By that time. it's already 6.30AM plus.. or so. LOL! Then we went in play poker. Sherlyn was tired, so she went rest. Then 3guys and me and Marcus's younger sister.. play poker! WOOTS!{:

Then play Blackjack and me and her tyco tyco keep winning. LOL! Then Jon thought of a lame game which was to mess up the cards and find all the ace. There were five of us, and four ace. So the last one who didn't get that ace will have to do something.. Truth or dare! LOL! Zzz..

Then we kept on daring when we lose and our punishments.. was to........... DISIAO THE SLEEPS! LOL! Those people, I was lucky to say that I'm still alive.. no, i mean.. still awake! LOL! Then we played hitting Marcus with pillow, which he don't even feel a single thing. LOL! And I put his shoes on his -toot- cause Jon dare me to x.x LOL!! Then we woke up many people T.T Paiseh!!

Then after that, we stopped playing, which was like around 8AM plus.. Then we decided to join those people sleeping and slept in a very uncomfortable position.. HAHA!
Then I can't fall asleep. Then I woke up and help Sherlyn to clean up the room and we woke everyone up. LOL! Then finally got Marcus Tee to wake up too^^ LOL!
Then went subway eat. Sherlyn forced me eat alot of food as Breakfast... o.o LOL! Then went ehub and force all 11 of us into Marcus Tee's mum's car which is super small and we like wanna die like that.. o.o And I'm the only girl sitting at the back... x.x
Then went to Marcus Tee's house to use computer to blog and friendster. Then after awhile when see them played bball. Then went back cause raining.. I keep on kena by the ball.. LOL! Then slacked awhile and it was 4PM plus going 5PM. Then me and Donovan went home. Then I log in computer, my family got back, so gotta off again.. LOL! And guess what time isit now? 2.32AM! LOL! I wanna go sleep liao! Seeya! I'm totally so hungry now!!! T.T

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