by - 8:11 AM

OMGGGG! Hey hey~! Guess where am I? Now is currently 11.14PM, and I'm at STARBUCKS! WOOTS!~ LOL! The internet connection here is so lousy can??! LOL! I prefer library.. But just take a long at the time now.. So no point of saying.. LOL! Me? Why can I use computer?? Cause some kind soul let me use, alrights? HAHA!!

Okay, I spent my whole day today.. outside. LOL! Winona called me to accompany her as she skipped her church, again.. But I was out already. Sorry Winona! ;D I was at Parkway there to collect my spec which looked so normal as my last time one, but I prefer my last time.. Sobs.. LOL! But this one is more clearer, duh. LOL! Then I saw.. Apple Hong Yi Xin, Qi Yu Wu and blah blah at around 3PM to four.. Then I waited outside Giant for my mum to buy her things. Then my mum went off and I went to see MY HOT GUY!! JOSHUA ANG!! HE'S DAMN HOT, CAN?!? Hahahahahahahs! *I took alot of pics too!!* Will update up here soon ;D Haha!

Then went to do English Homework, which I made a mistake and gotta re-do again..LOL! But some kind soul help me, yeah! ;DD I spent all my afternoon looking for a place to charge lappy.. No plug!! Parkway sucks! Then baka DC said what go Kovan, mac sure got.Then in the end don't have!!! Then come to Compass Point Library which charge and gotta go off cause it's closing soon..

Then stupid!! Went to Starbucks then got some kiasus Singapore who spent there lifes in Starbucks to occupy the plug!!! LOL! Then finally can use.. after a long afternoon..Watch Airgear Ep7 and 8 only.. No time to watch Ep9.. Sad!!! @#$&^%#$@#

Then my mum just called and asked me to go home already.. haiis.. Gotta go~! Seeya!

Btw, don't ever buy MYPHONE! Cause the battery SUCKS! I charged so long.. Then I just took some photos, listen to some songs, send some smses and chat on phone less than half an hour in total.. My phone have no battery. What the -toot-!!! TT*cries* LOL!

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