What the -toot-!

by - 6:52 AM

OMG! I just got home like around 5plus going six today? Why? Stupid kidsread!! Winona is a BAKA!! She got Chinese Tuition, so she can't go eat with me, our TAKO! Our Friday-must-do sort of thing. Whatever..

Then me and her got into a girl buddy, which is worst than last year. We called her.. ''The Rock!'' She seems to hate reading and totally happy in the face when it's time to stop. Great~ =.=

Then went to LJS @ Rivervale Mall to eat, which Eillot treated us eat! 40bucks -.- And later joined by YiLin's mum.. Then, me, Winona and Shahid walked to Marcus's house there to take bus home. I got home quite early.. Actually NOT! Then 1st thing, throw my bag and books on the floor and hurried to watch F.M.A!!! I ♥ Edward! He's taller than me? Can anyone tell me how tall is he? I can't find his height!! LOL!

Gotta go eat dinner now, it's going 10PM soon.. And tomorrow gotta go find Joshua Ang and collect my new spec.. Haiis!!!~ I DONT WANT HAVE NEW SPEC!!! NOOOOOO!!~

Still got alot of homework to do.. POA needa copy for Winona too.. Opps! LOL! BYEEE!

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