by - 6:47 AM

OMG! This is totally stupid! I wasted all my life today in Choir that only make me headache and fever. This is totally stupid! I thought over already, I wanna tell Ms Chang that I'm so not going to participate in SYF, cause it's too much stress and I wanna go Japan!

See the logic here, if you do well in Hist and SS, you can go Japan.. But even how well you do well in SYF, you can only go to freaking place, Thailand. Which my sister already been there years ago. And I see no point of going there as I'm not going to marry a young wife over to Spore. Don't you think? Their food there is mostly hot and spicy type. You think I everyday head pain can still eat those type of heaty food? Want me tio cancer, right? Black heart!! LOL!

Then I should have use more time on studies than Choir right? I thought so too. No one will try to brainwash this logic away from me, understand? Choir = make a headache. I really can't stand it, then 15mins before Choir ended, I already on the chair wanting to faint.

Tomorrow still got SS and Phy and I haven't even started them.. I guess I have to work over night again... How stupid.. 1min to offline.. So..


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