Don't let me go.

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I got bored at home again. I'm spending my time infornt of my computer again. Lol. I got home at around 12.30PM and use till now. So bored. Tomorrow mum's going to HongKong already. So good. I want go too. Hahs. But they won't home till Wednesday. I'll be staying home with DaJie only. And yes, home stored alot of wine and beer, finally when mum not watching, I can grab one and drink. Hahs. Grab and run. Lol.
Fucker Lester is making me pissed off now. Lol. And what should I do now? I'm so bored. MSN no one, Plurk already, Facebk added way too many people, don't wanna go there already. Friendster so bored.. I think I'll go play Facebook game. And yes, I gotta reply your tags. And what else? Lol. Nothing. Can anyone tell me where can I edit my pic with Chinese, Jap and Korean words? Lol. I don't freaking wanna use pinyin. This sucks. Lol.
Okie, here's the replies:

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EDDIE:} : Thanks.
YIWAN.: Mei Shi. LOL!
Jerin: Hellos!
Jacqueline: Thanks. Enjoy your trip with JeslynTan. And it's gone again. Click more!
XUETING:D: Uh? What game? LOL! Phone? YES! :'(
XUETING:D: AH! Send me! Lol!
nona: Try getting me then, haha!
nona: You're nuts. Lol!
Jerin: Yup. That's good! ^^
☆★Minguang☆★: Hello. Linked. How did you know my URL and my name? oO LOL!
Meiyi: Show you le! HAHA!
Meiyi: Npnp{:
YIWAN.: He can't slim down one. Forget it. Lol.
Lester...: WTF. x.x

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