Go get me some milk, willya?{:

by - 6:06 AM

Today is the starting of MYE. Why our school so slow? All other schools are so carefree now. I'm still chiong for mine. Why?!? Wei Shen Me?!? Doushite?!?
Today's paper is a serious killa. Why? Chinese paper 1 is piece of cake. I don't even need to rush. Lol. Paper two? Sucker. The last two comprehensions are the hardest. It's like nuts. Last one I don't even really understand what shit it's talking about. I think band 4 have totally no idea, esp Winona. Hahs.
Then that paper two make me so sleepy. I write halfway, then.. Zzzz.. I fall alsleep. It's was one of the hardest thing to do, stay awake. Lol. That botak teacher come and wake me up just as I was about to fall into DEEP sleep. Hahs. Weird. Has he been eyeing on me all this while? -.^
Then Marilyn they all saw the teacher waking me up. Lol. Gosh! It's so xia sway. Hahs. But really, I must agree that it's so boring, those passages. Hahs. Please have some interesting ones next time, thankyou! ^^
Then next.. that'll be the killa of all. BIO! And I mean.. PURE BIO! -cries- Ms Teo make it looked as if is easy, then when it comes to essay questions.. I can hear her evil laughters. -scary- As if my fault, I study the whole night. I'm not quite clear about the liver parts and the plant transport parts. That's all. And I counted.. I lost more than 30marks. So.. if I can pass, I'll be giggling already. Don't you think? And fuck! I've no time to finish the essay questions. Do three, I only done two. What the effking.
And I'm damn fed up and pissed off with Joey. She took my SS paper home. How am I suppose to study w/o it? And that essay was suppose to be my BEST written of all. Oh great! Fuck her outside down inside out. I'm so dead meat tomorrow. And chem too. Really, I'm so going to fuck myself and die right now. -cries-
And.. people! My sim card got kinda 'confiscated' by someone{: - Not teacher, but the owner. So I won't be using that number and to someone.. SORRY!! DON'T MEAN TO BOMB IT!(But you won't read this anyways.) And oh great. You can still contact me with my old number. Just that I can't reply you all. I going to top only six bucks. ONLY six bucks. Only SIX BUCKS. Get it? Lol. Stupid chain letter please don't send, or you'll get it. -evil stares-
OMG! This is getting no where. I think I'll be dead too soon. Oh well.. plurk and MSN time! Seeya! I'm so NOT going to study S.S and Chem.. (unless I chiong not sleeping again) I♥pandaeyes. T.T Like, THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT!! WAAHHH!!! )':

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