I'm boredddd ):

by - 12:06 AM

Thiszxz ishzxz boredddommzxz. LOL! I'm bored and hungry. Today didn't go out, instead rotting at home. Mum and ErJie is coming back already. So sad. Damn it. I should drink tons of beer before she's back. HAHA! Well, was using computer the whole day. And.. what else.. Sleeping? Lol. Didn't even bother to watch TV. Hahs. And yes, if they know, I'll be ban using computer for life. But it's kinda bored, using computer too much already. Lol.
Me and Jeslyn was like on MSN chatting.. And don't know why.. We chat about Edison Chen and she said that xiaxue said his was pink. LOL! WTF?!? And I said, well what did you expect? Black? Lol! Then she said, no is adri's. HAHA! And I was like, then what's yours? Lol.
Her reply was.. it's green. ALGAE. WUTLOL?!?!?!?

Jing;D TheTwinsEffect . Youdon'tlovenomore. says:
*you dont wash?? oO

❥ALICE; says:
*wash for what!
*singapore like ppl to go green :D
GO GREENNN!!! LOL! That's gross. Lol. But we can expect that from Jeslyn Teh. LOL! YEAH!
I'm hungry and bored.. Lol. Anyone going to 2T1 concert? I can conclude that it's a boredom, but I wanna go there just to see how Mr Tan(PiYuYu) xiasway himself. Just for $2, that's sounds not bad right?

Jing;D TheTwinsEffect . Youdon'tlovenomore. says:
*yours a forrest fire laa

❥ALICE; says:
Hahs, well.. that's all for now. I gotta go plurk and go. My DaJie is going to pick them up and I'll be doom. Gotta go clear up and stuffs. LOL! Haven't wash my afternoon used bowl yet. SHIT! Hahs.

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