Like shyt!

by - 12:53 AM

Hi readers. This week and next week are exams week. Have you been studying? Or are you like me, slacking and rotting at home finding a topic to daydream about? Yes hell. I think I'm so going to fail my exams. CHOY! Well. I'm so stress up by some issues. Can't blame. And I really got to say this again, I really hate Bio. And my teacher is a Jigglypuff. She talk, I sleep. Hahs. Hell yes. This is the very first year in my whole primary and secondary life that I can sleep in class.
I slept during Chinese class, when ChenLiLi was doing corrections on our last test. 30/50 So disappointed. And during all the morning before lesson started. And during all the VE lesson. And english lesson that are free lesson(Like I dare to sleep during Mrs Hwee's class o.o ) Oh.. And Ms Farah's class. I know she don't like sleeping pigs :x (that time got caught sleeping) So I keep shaking my head and blinding my eyes so hard to stay awake. I think she saw :x LOL! Well, at least she can say I put in effort to stay awake in her class. Bio class? I can say I do like what I did in SS class. But my mind was like totally shut down. I don't even understand what's she trying to say. Some got laas. But I'm doomed! 7CHAPTERS!! I got remember all those for bio exam. And this is MYE, not EOY! Fedup! I'm dead meat. Oh well.

And that's me. Lol. What can I do? I have no idea too. Can anyone help me? Lol. Doomed! x.x
Forget it. Bio just die. I choing my POA and Maths now. Zzz..

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