My Life Would Suck Without You

by - 1:25 AM

Hey, I'm back. Well, it's been a long time since I really blogged. And yeah, this is sorta.. well, anyways, my house is really getting much neater and decent. WOW! Well, at least I did clean up alot of my stuffs. And is a high pile of stuffs, okie?
Now trying to install maple into my computer again. Oh.. Da Jie called someone down to design and custom-made a closet.. well, something like that. And yup, is here.
And whatever.. If I can't get my maple to work, I'm SO going to make maple go hell with me. Lol. I haven't got a chance to really do any homework. Mum has been nagging at me ever since I got home today. And yesterday I spent all my days tidying up all my stuffs and throwing away my primary school's music books. HAHA! :X I throw away my Sec1 and Sec2's geog since I'm not studying them already anyways. Lol. Kinda missed my geog. LOL! But I still like History, but still.. I missed Lit and Geog. HAHA!
YEAH! DONE! MAPLE! HERE I COME!! I must get myself into MAPLE!! AHHH!!!

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