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Finally blogged. So long didn't really blog. Life totally changed within week. Wtf. Like it's not what I wanted it to be. Lols. Nevermind, just leave it like this. Who cares already.

Back to some happy parts, today went to kbox@ ehub, again. (...) Stupid! 2.30PM to 5.30PM only. Not till 7PM. Disappointment. Whatever. Then last song is Ai Dao, as usual. Then we get a chance to sing Shou Xin w/o lead singer, one by one. And Brendon keep making me laugh, damn youu!! Hahas.

Then went out Kbox down to arcade. Played Percussion and JuBeat. Yeah! Addicted to JuBeat now, DIE! x.x Then went to Pan-In-The-Box. Saw Zoe there. OMG! Didn't know she worked there. Hahs. Then saw Shayne they all too ^^ LOL!

Then went eat Pasta, and saw Shayne.. again. LOL! Then went up to Pan to meet Zoe. Then went to played Zoe together. Hahas. Then mum called and asked me go home. Then finally went home after rounds of JuBeat then in bus 89, mum called again. She very LOL can? Tell her in bus already then she still tell me so late le, mind as well don't come home? And got very angry with me. Hahs. Then I told her she's unreasonable and she threaten me saying she will wake ErJie up. LOL! Funny. Then I told her I'm already in bus, what does she want? LOL! She wants the bus to fly isit? HAHA! Then she kup my call. Wth~~ LOL!

That's all for today. Tomorrow finally got back my phone!(If there's nothing wrong..)

Mid-year coming, haven't study yet. I always chiong at the EOY. Hahs. I'm still very relax now, hurry slap myself up! *slaps* LOL!

Yeah! Settle! Me and Zoe, Shugo Chara for AFA! WOOTS!{: (Joey come join us leyys~) LOL!

Those are happy things(!) But stupid things happen too. LOL! Not today but few days that continue for so long. LOL! I must be responsible in throwing pen at people when they started irritating me at the first place, YEAH! LOL! And wow, who say I shake siols? *SHAKE IT MAMA, SHAKE IT!* LOL! - OSIM x.x WUTLOL?!?

Stupid(!) It's 1.24AM now.. Haven't wash face, gotta go wash and hurry go sleep already. LOL! Like, whatever...

I'm so freaking LOL bored. (and tired.) Lalas~ Cosplay is back in action again! Yeah! Ilovecosplay! WOOTS! *saving money* Hahas! I rather those people who tried cosplay although piak then those who said wanna buy didn't. LOL! Of cause, akl are not included in this sentence. Don't worry!{:

Oh.. It's 1.26PM, 2mins passed so fast. My life is getting shorter every min. Hahas. Can't people be wise to use up their time in better things then .. well, you know. Hahas. Fine. Enjoy your life before it ends too soon. Hahas! Mid year! Here I come! LOL! No~~! (where's my magic booklet?!?!)

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