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Lester...: Say what? oO
nona: Opps! I didn't edit finish, okie! It's there.
AliciaT: Thanks! And yup, linked.
{&}' 爱Gracia: Yup. You used to hang out with me one. I know. Lol.
nona: Uh? As in?
Lyn: Oh, come on. Just admit that he's HOT!(: Haha.
{&}' 爱Gracia: I thought you added me already?
XUETING:D: Lol! Hell yes! Marry me if you're rich, thankyou. LOL!
XUETING:D: Go get change laas. Stinks!!! LOL! :DD
fionna.: But Jesse McCartney is HOT! Lol. And no, he's shuai! Really.

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