That's not me =x

by - 1:26 AM

Hahs, I'm so going to fail my bio class test.. That time was lucky that I just pass. Oh, I really hate bio now. Stupid =x Then this few days, alot of people didn't come to school.. Akls, where are you all? XueTing miss school sometime, Joey's sick. Donovan keep pon. And Brendon if he sometime can't wake up also pon. What's wrong with all of you all.
Sick people, please get will soon. Plus me too, since I'm sick too. Due to flu. Running nose, please come back! Stop running, and thoat, please get well soon, I miss my voice. And eyes, don't go blind, please. Hahs.
Midyear is coming.. why is everyone sick? I'm so sway too. Can't blame. Blame the weather, blame it to swine flu and my body is weak. Oh well..

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