This is so WONDERFUL!

by - 7:46 AM

Today exams was pretty DIFFICULT! Damn it! Mr Yeo! You went tell hints to 3B and didn't tell us. Joey called me that you told them to remember those important key factors. Why didn't you tell me?! WHY?!? Lol. It started off quite easy, until with it gets to the back. Darn it. Essay questions is hard. I think I can just pass. I lost 30marks by counting it only. If plus careless mistakes. I'm doomed.

And yes, SS I didn't get to do finish, again. This time I'm too tired so do very slow and leave 3paragraphs blank. Damn it. LOL! SS I really hope I can pass cause I really try to get them into my mind although most of it was last min. Lol.

Okie, I gotta go already. Linking and replying of tags will be tomorrow. I'll be going to history remedial. Gotta wake up early. Lol! And I'm going out with Joey.. to study. Study what? oO LOL! No idea. Going to buy bag and cut hair. Lol. Yup! That's all. Going here and there tomorrow. Might be going to Tamp to buy bag, so those stalkers, you know where to find me. Hahs. And Punggol to cut hair. And to those who hate me, you can don't come those places. Haha! :X

I gotta go 23's blog and post too. It's rotting. Damn you guys! Wanna get whack? Lol. Seeya! ♥

P/S I miss my sleep. My shoulder and back hurts. Lol.

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