This is a Story of a Girl,

by - 4:20 AM

Hello, I'm still currently at Ngee Feng's house. So stupid, play mahjong for the whole day, but didnt't get a chance to win. Only one round. WTF! I think this house is not my perfect place of winning. Haha! Maruse Tee's house winning chance is higher, yes. Lol. And yes, my number currently no value, thanks to someone. Aahhh!!

Okay, Joey is now standing beside me, talking and singing and putting her darn head on me. Oh well.. I'm so.. nothing to say.

Who's there with me? Well, Brendon, ZhiFeng, QingWei, Joey and duh, Ngee Feng himself. The guys are making alot of noise. Joey wants to pee and she's making a lot of noise. Wth. Joey asked Ngee Feng a dumb question.. Is his house safe to pee?

Guess what's his answer? He said is safe unless she don't know how to lock. Then I said, you guys are dangerous ones right? Then Qing Wei said we two girls scared isit. Lol! Like that also can x.x

His house is super duper HOT! As in warm, not 'HOT'. Lol. Like Tsuna. Well, it is well way worst than my house okay? If Fionna took one step in his house, she'll faint already. LOL!

Lalala, Ngee Feng's phone got alot of nice olddies songs that I want!! AAHH!! Lol.

Joey just taught me a 'new technique' to scold vulgar here using : !#$%^@&*. Like duh, I know how to use.. Hahs.

AAAAAAAHHHH!! They finally took the fan out, but they are so selfish, don't share it with me. Lol. Darn it!! Lol. And they are talking about how Ngee Feng honging girls now x.x Lol.

Tomorrow got Meet-The-Parents Session. Like, my Er Jie wanna go tell Mrs Hwee all my bad things. Lol. My whole family is going to meet Mrs Hwee. Diediedie!! Plus I got 31points. And POA is put VR. WHY?!? Mdm See, what are you doing?!? I wanna cry already. 31points is a big thing, okay?

Okay, back to the topic, Joey wants me to stop writing already. She wanna do something. But I must said.. WE ARE LIKE GAMBLNG FREAK, in chinese.. 赌鬼!

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