by - 3:20 AM

Hellos people. I'm back again. And this time with sickness. Oh great. Hahs. Just to warn people, the old interchange there is really not a safe place. Yesterday on the way home, got this old uncle come and talk to me. He sound.. chim. Cause at his age, he's talking in English. OMG! ( I was carrying POA book) He asked me about POA stuffs as my school got offer POA or not.(Duh.) Then he asked me one stupid question..(Do you know how many schools in S'pore offers POA as a subject) Like wtf, if I know, I might be already the Tony guy from WuJianDao or AndyLau already. I can spy on the ministry, like no right? Zzz.. Weird guy. Hahs. Is he a spy? HAHA! Then I don't wanna walked the same way as him. So I stopped at opp my house's bus stop and pretending to be waiting for a bus. And finally after he's gone. I went home.

So, what can you infer from my post? ^^ Just remember, don't walk near my house(NO!). I mean don't take POA book at hand?!? HAHA^^

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