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Say hello to FREE FLOW OF COKE!{:

OMG??!? So little?! (yes!!)

table number 47! ): Why no 23!??

Yesterday went to Tamp with XueTing, Brendon and Donovan. Waited for Brendon cause he insisted to go home and get change and take money. So me and XueTing waited for him.. FOR LIKE 2 AND HALF hours?!?! OMG! Damn yoo! I'm all hungry from morning didn't eat till afternoon. And he took this long time that that became my dinner...

Then wanted to go Tamp to eat the seoul gardan one. In the end went we reach there, the student meal that we can afford, too late! It's gone. We are late for half an hour. Who tell stupid Brendon hang inside the lift for so long..

Then we have no choice, eat Swensens. Like, we take the fucking bus 3 for so long and finally reached Tamp and eat something that CompassPoint have already? It's like the dumbest thing I did in my whole living 15years of my life. OMG?!? Hahs. Next week going eat at seoul garden. Can we please please go Suntec and eat instead? Tamp sounds near, but my butt hurts cause waiting for Brendon so long and the bus is too long already.

Then while we are on our way to Tamp, me and XueTing saw... SHAWN TOK!!! OMG! OMG! He's so cute can? :x Hahs, but he's short. But taller than Joey. Opps! Hahs. I should have stalk him ): Hahs.

Then went to Ehub to find Zoe. I'm a good akl okie? Then saw this cute watch that got diff colours, so intending to get it for everyone in 23. Hahs. I'm a kind creator of txakls. Hahs.

Then went home at 9PM plus. Hahs. Then guess what? I got too tired and slept in the bus. Stupid, spoilt my famous blogger's reputation. Hahs, not really. {:

P/S Brendon, you're lucky that my mood yesterday was hell great. Or I'll kill you for makeing me and hungry for hours! (: -evil laughters-

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