100 questions siols.

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Tagged by Joey&Brendon. Th 100 questions quiz(!) :D

1.Real name : AngelusChanJingWen.
2.Nickname : BlurSoTong, Ayume, Destinny, LaoKia and many.
3.Star sign : Gemini
4.Male or female : Female.
5.Primary school : CompassvalePri.
6.Secondary school : PunggolSec.
7.JC/POLY : Ask fate.
8.Hair color : Brown-black :)
9.Long or short : Short, shut up.
10.Loud or Quiet : Depend.
11.Sweats or Jeans : Erm.. Depend.
12.Phone or camera : Phone.
13.Health freak : Nope.
14.Drink or smoke : Drink.
15.Do you have a crush on someone : I thought people called me cold-blooded? {:
16.Eat or drink : Both.
17.Piercings : Basic. Want 1more~
18.Tattoos : Nope. Why?!

Have you ever :

19.Been in an airplane : Oh shut up.
20.Been in a relationship: Been? Duh.
21.Been in a car accident : Not yet :D
22.Been in a fist fight : Does fingers count?


23.First piercing : 1999.
24.First best friend : Janessa.
25.First award : PrimarySch Sport's Day.
26.First Crush : Erm.. Can only remember his nick name, WeiXiaoBao^^
27.First Vacation : Somewhere in malaysia?

Lasts :

28.Last person you talked to : Mummy!
29.Last person you texted to : ♥SUPERMAN
30.Last person(s) you watched a movie with: I went in a big group.
32.Last food you ate : Chocolate, now.
33.Last movie you watched : Forgot le?
34.Last song you listened to : With You - Chris(I hate you! -'-)
35.Last thing you bought : JollySandy.
36.Last person you hugged : Joey.


37.Food : MushroomNoodlesWITHMUSHROOM! & Ajisen.
38.Drinks : JollySandy!!
39.Clothing : Bf tee.
40.Books : HarryPotter.
41.Song : Insonmia, If you see Amy, Love Sex Magic.
42.Flower : Roses.
43.Colors : Blue! And black, white, red.. GREY! and maybe a little pink.
44.Movies : Death Note. KIRA! ♥
45.Phrase: Fuck off CCB! *point middle finger*
46.Subjects: Oh please.. Maybe POA.

You ever done before:

47.Kissed in the snow : Nah, but I don't mind. It's SO ROMANTIC!!~ ♥
48.Celebrated Halloween : You're nuts dude.
49.Had your heart broken : I told you, I'm cold-blooded(:
50.Went over the minutes on your cell phone : I can chat for hours FYI.
51.Someone questioned your sexual orientation : ssshhh!! That's stupid!
52.Came out of the closest : Once.
53.Gotten pregnant : Isit fun? FUCK OFF!
54.Had an abortion : I fucking no baby dude;D
55.Done something you've regretted : Who don't?
56.Broke a promise : Again, who don't?
57.Hid a secret : once again.. WHO DON'T?!? DON'T MAKE ME... -'-
58.Pretended to be happy : Almost everyday.
59.Met someone who changed your life : Duh.
60.Pretended to be sick : YES! esp to work or school.
61.Left the country : Hell yes.
62.Tried something you normally wouldn't try & liked it : Heh heh{:
63.Cried over some silliest thing : No. Did you even see me cry before?
64.Ran a mile : Yeah.
65.Went to the beach with your best friend(s) : Yeah.
66.Stay single the whole year : Yup.


67.Eating : Chocolate.
68.Drinking : Nothing.
69.I'm about ton : chalet{s}!
70.Listening to : You're not sorry.
71.Plans for tomorrow : Go for cosplay event and meet Gerard ah di!
72.Waiting for : I'm waiting for you~ dumb.
73.Want kids : Maybe a son.. or twin?
74.Want to get married : Nope.
75.Careers in mind : Open a shop and start a business.
76.Which is better , Girl / Boy : I'm better off dude.

According to Jody..
(for 77-83 , idk what they're asking -.-" my answers are what am i looking for in a guy LOL.)

77.Lips or eyes : Both.
78.Shorter or taller : Taller!
79.Romantic or spontaneous : Both.
80.Nice stomach or nice arms : No fats, thankyou!
81.Sensitive or loud : Depend.
82.Hook-up or relationship : Relationship.
83.Trouble-maker or hesistant : Neither.

Have you ever:

84.Lost glasses/ contacts : YES!
85.Ran away from home : Nope. Only got thrown out:D
86.Hold a gun or knife for self defense : Knife.
87.Killed somebody : Not yet.
88.Broken someone's heart : Don't think so.
89.Been arrested : Nope.
90.Cried when someone died : Nope.

Do you believe in:

91.Yourself : Sometimes?
92.Miracles: YES! Please have miracles on me(: {!}
93.Love at first sight : No!
94.Heaven : Yup.
95.Santa Claus : No. He's old.
96.Sex on the first date : Nope.
97.Kiss on the first date : Nope. Unless is YANYALUN!
98.Is there one person you want to be with right now : Maybe?
99.Are you seriously happy with where you are in life : Nope.
100.This is the 100th & last question : YEAH! Wasted my time.

Now tag 10 people to do this :
1) Joey
2) Brendon (you two do again!)
3) Edmund
4) Yosuke
5) Zoe
6) Xueting
7) XinYi
8) Jeslyn
9) Winona
10) Fiona

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