by - 5:23 AM

Yesterday night was not a good one. I don't know, but I feel that I been up to too much stress lately. It's not what I wanted. Two sides are pushing me to my limit. And yes, I been trying to control myself not to lose my temper on anyone. I didn't really get to sleep whole night. Total insomnia.

Did I make a wrong choice to open TwentyThree? I think I better off off it since no one really cares about it and plus all of them have their own friends, so who need me?

I been so down today.. Well, actually for this few days, just that I didn't really show out. Well, you know, I'm the aka "cold-blooded freak" LOL!

But at least I hope I can have some peace. Anyone wanna cheer me up, go k with me?(: I wanna go k so badly although my singing sucks. And yes, I don't mind going k! ^^ I just hope this stupid stuffs will get over and done with. Don't drag on and on, it's irritating me.

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