Right where you want me.

by - 1:18 AM

Hey guys, so sorry that I didn't post for quite a long time already. Cause my computer has its limit. LOL! And yes, I always come home so late nowadays and I been out this few days at Compass, rotting with Joey.

Nowadays didn't really hang out with twenty-three much, but went out with Jeslyn once, and everyday see tio Joey and she wanna go find JiZong and friends. Lol, why does this sound so wrong.. Barney and friends o.o

And yes, I'm meeting Joey now, she's at my void deck already. I gotta go get change. And I'm like so dead nowadays. I wanna sms people, cause I'm so bored:D

Pictures will be upload either tomorror or Tuesday then. I'm sooooo BOREDD!!!

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