She's no you.

by - 6:35 PM

Hey people! I'm bored! Who wanna go watch moive with me? Lol. Akls meet up soon okay? Lol! I'm super bored and tied down at home. Stomach is still so pain, can't walk. But wanna hurry get well and go out! Why?

Cause it's HOLIDAY, right? Although I still haven't touch any homework. I gotta go try to do finish the last difficult questions by Mr Ong and hurry jumped to Ms Farah's 17pages workload. But still, all work and no play makes Jane a dull kiddo. Or whatever it's called, but I'll make sure I try all my homework unless those I really know nothing. Haha! See, I'm so good! Lol. Firstly.. Can I like start with.. Bio? Lol. Then Maths, then SS. Lol.

But since it's holiday.. I wanna go highlight and re cut my hair. Oh come on, it's holiday. But I doubt my mum will let me highlight. But I want!!!!! AAHHH Make my wish list come real!!! LOL!

Taken alot of pics, and videos yesterday, will post up here and videos on Youtube, Destiny1503 soon. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. Lol. Nah, tomorrow got Bio Remedial, MUST GO! Lol, since I didn't go today, means I lost 4hours of asking questions and stuffs. But can't blame my nose or my stomach right?

It's 9.43AM. I usually slept till 12noon plus or what, but today I didn't, so it really means I got up early and have the.. what's that called.. YES! Resilience! Lol. Oh wells..

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