Tonning boredom.

by - 5:13 AM

Here are some pictures I took while tonning at Chanel's chalet.

I took the pictures while all people are still in bed. Lol! I didn't slept till Chanel wake up and when YuanYuan left, I took over her bed and sleep till 2PM from was it 11AM? Lol.

It's such a nice house can? I wish I can just live in it. Hahs. If I am a rich girl.. HAHA!

Then leave the house at around 7PM, sunday. Then we walked to the park and took alot more photos. More photos will be upload soon, of cause. Can't really blame me. Blame my phone got virus and can't connect to computer. That's like that dumb real thing.

Yup, that's me. I took alot of photos. Really. Lol. Then we walked.. and we saw a pathway led to no where. We walked in and deep and deep. Donovan is scared, he just don't want to admit it. Hahs. Then I kena spider web. Irritated. Lol.

Then went back to WhiteSand and played three round of JuBeat and finally brought my JuBeat card. YES! But.. I have no money to kbox and movie already. I gotta save more now. Wth. Haha.

Then my sister went over to pick me up and got home around 9PM plus already. So bored. Slacked the whole day. But it's so fun. I must say, I WANT A CAM!! Lol.

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