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OMG! Today I spent S$104! You know why? My cosplay I thought is only $44, but is not include shipping fees, who is total, $54! OMG! Then I went far east to buy one oversize tee which is $25! So expensive! I'm so going to buy online blogshop now! But blogshop is so problematic.

I can't believe that I just got home by this hour. I wasted my whole day. And stupid bio remedial was irritating cause I wasn't even listening. I just wanna it to hurry end and so that I can hutty go and get my stuffs done before Cosfest. But I think I can't make it.

And then during the whole bio remedial, Joey was like keep on calling me and irritating me. Got me irritated and this weather is HOT! So I got pissed off.

I still got alot of homework didn't get it done yet. I'm doomed for sure. This week is too busy, so I doubt I can watch anymore animes or go out. I love shopping, for months I have not been shopping as I was with Joey and her 'gang' and they're just slacking. What so good about slacking? I mean I rather slack with those I can talk about things never ending and stuffs. Slacking sometimes equal to stoning. They just say they're tired and sat down at a place and stone. Yeah, it's rotting.

Oh! And my sister added time limitation to my computer, again! Oh gosh! What a pain at my ulcer! And I really have ulcer! How how how?

And yes, what had I been doing? I been watching anime, playing mafia wars and using the computer, so I think, I'll have to kick this habit! No, the most important point, I can't go out already and I don't think I've the time to go out. Like today, I spent hours outside, now I gotta chiong my Englisgh Vocab, History notes(I doubt I will do), and I♥POA three. All by tomorrow! And yeah! The Chinese Compo too. Which I guess I'm not sleeping already. BUt I'm dead tired you know! T.T

Okay, gotta go already. I think there's only one word for me..

and that's...


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