Every ending has its begining

by - 2:36 AM

I'm back from facebook, plurk and bloghopping! Wee~♪ This few days been fatigue. I've not enough sleep and stuffs. But I'm real lucky to get home early each day to use computer. With computer, everything is gone, I don't care. Lol!

Today school was a bored. But there's some interesting stuffs during history. Mr Tan was telling us how inter-marriages can turn a pleasant and charismatic child into some horrify freak. And that's Hitler. Like father, like son. Hitler's father was actually his uncle who married to his niece. I can't stand people who can marry their own uncle and make out and gave birth. This is disgusting, totally. But maybe inter-marriages were popular during those days. No wonder Hitler would fall in love with his own niece. And that led to the poor teenage niece commit suicide. I can't blame her, pity her actually.

And Mr Tan once told us a fact, guys who tell girls that they'll love her even till she get old and ugly. Lol! This is a STUPID lie. Cause even Mr Tan admit that he wouldn't fall for old and ugly women. Those old man loves their wife is because they found their wife's inner beauty. Lol. Which guys will like ugly old women.. Right on that!

And Mr Tan said most S'pore males are mummy boys. Lol, cause they will look for a wife that resembles like their mum. And when they purpose to their girlfriend, they'll use this most old fashion way.

"My mum says it's time for us to get marry, so.. shall we?" ROFL! And yes, then they'll tell stories about their mum to their girlfriends.

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