Fatigue Day

by - 11:06 AM

Went to Changi Airport again today. Good thing is terminal two, not three. I saw already remember that time. Very sad. Nevermind. Haha. Yeah, here's the pictures!

Joey, Janessa and me camwhored in the toilet.

Are we S.H.E or what? LOL!

Change a phone.

Which phone takes better? Lol! I still thinks that I'm gonna be sick. My kidney pain again. Lol! Die! Okay, it's 2.32AM right now. I think I better go finish up all my other stuffs and get to sleep real soon. Ha!

Guess who did this crap? He was caught by my cam! Beware I stomp you! Lol! Joking.

I still think he's lame and self-intertaining. Funny? After awhile no.

Went into Waraku to see people eat dinner. Took a photo of a free load. They mistook it and gave it to BC. It doesn't really look too good reality, but I edited it till much better and nicer, right? Lol!

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