Fugly sway day -

by - 6:06 AM

Hey people! How's life? Was chatting with Aya just now for like 3hours and 12mins. Lol! Break record! Totally! We really can chat chat about anything, you know. We talked about Cosplays, guys, outings, photoshoot and more more more! Lol!

Then I told her I msn wrong aya too! So paiseh. Lol! :X I know way too many Ayas already. But the name really is nice! )):

Then I found out that I think.. Did they stead back again? I think so too. OMG! Like whatever. Haha!

Today morning had a bad one, seriously. Didn't wanna go school, told my mum that I've kidney pain, which is quite truth, but sadly, got forced to go school too. And guess by the time is when? It's like 7plus already and I bath and got ready and slowly go out.

And of cause I'll be late for sure right? Then got school just nicely.. 7.33PM. Late for 3mins. And queued up and stuffs to get my name and admin stuffs done. Waited there for a long time and.. Oh! Winona was late with me too! Haha! Then I was forced to run -'- Fugly teacher, asked me to run 2rounds. At least it's so little, but you know what? Then freaking worst thing is he(-'-), saw me run finish and just walked behind him, he not happy then asked me to run another round. Ccb. Where got such thing? )):

Then went up to class, missed half lesson of my favourite biology!!(Oh wells~) Then it's chinese! Stupid, listening to music all the way, but of cause got listen in class too. Then lazy do compo. Sunday then chiong everything. Cause too bad, Lynn asked me out tomorrow and I promised already. No backing out, too sad. This week got alot of homework, biology got worksheet too. And Mr Ong's ten year series to be done! And all his other questions. WOW! And chinese compo )): It's about what family relationships and stuffs.. But remember something.. I'm a sadist?!? Lol! Shit! Whatever. I might be writing about my mum asking me to drink water every seconds ;DD Love my mum, she made me pissed off every morning, espcially today too and when she hit my leg to wake me up this morning, and up from my beauty sleep... *yawn*

Then after school waited for Jeslyn to write finish her compo by 1.30PM. Then went to Compass Point and Din bluffed us that we got my harihi cos already. Damn him!! Then went to Best Denki to play free game O.O I'm suppose to make the character jump, but I was jumping myself. HAHA! Then went to buy waffle, and that's when all those stupid stuffs begin. Jeslyn keep disiaoing me about how I eat and stuff. Then I can't eat my waffle properly and I got abit irritated, pissed.. Whatever you call it. Then I tried to hack care and laugh too, then she and Din just keep on staring at me eat and I GOT SO STRESS!! Then I went to toilet and throw my waffle away and wash my mouth. Then Din knocked on the toilet door and I went out. Then he ask me not to angry. Then Aya texted me. Then everything happen all at once.

Phone rang, Din talking, Jeslyn suddenly got fed up for no reason and said something like what like that also angry and walked off in pissed. Lol? I thought I'm suppose to be the one fed up? Being make fun of how you eat and stuff? Plus I didn't really say I'm angry why she so fed up? No idea. Went home around six and phone Aya already and talked to just now. Lol! Fun right? Record breakers! ;DD

Okay.. It's sgcafe and facebook time! No time to watch anime already.. Sad!!

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