If you could understand, that's it.

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Quoted from "Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past" - Click to enlarge to read the words.

Went to watch that with Flora, Fionna and Gerard awhile ago.. It's still not as bad. Hongsters can never understand it. LOLOL!

Hello, I'm back! Great days not going to school you might think that way. I got rashes and itchyness all over me, yes me! Bloody hell and I got forced to go to school to tomorrow as mum insisted that I already missed way too much lessons already. Oh god, how unlucky! And yes, this time, I'm sooo not going to let me get sick again. NEVER! I hope. Hahas.

Oh yeah.. My both sisters went to watch Harry Potter yesterday. They commented alot, but overall, I can conclude it with one word. It sucks. I wanna see how sucky it is still, lol. Waiting for Meiyi's reply. Plus alot of people have already watched the movie or some other who just can't give a proper answer to me. Alot of people who didn't read the book, don't get it at all. Those who read the book commented it as sucky as ever. What happen to the movie? I heard that there's no action pack stuffs at all. I can understand that book five has many stuffs to understand, so there will be lesser actions. But this is book six? When Albus Dumbledore died, there are suppose to have a fight or something like that if I can remember..

I begin to read all over the books again. The books is better, to me. But I gotta go buy book four, and five. Although I've read all, but I prefer book five.. Oh.. Whatever..

Da Jie gave the ratings to zero, Er Jie thus said it's -2. LOLOL! It's the same anyways. But I still can't wait to catch this moive since I watched all of them already. Weekday go!! Cheap cheap cheap! Lol!

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