It's not the same anymore

by - 7:02 AM

LOL! Guess what? Today was a total hetic day! After school waited for Winona to end her chinese lesson, then we went down to Compass, Popular to get some stuffs. Paints, black sheets and collect my ball ball to make a bun! Lol! Two buns actually! Lol!

Then went to make props! Wee~! ♪ Winona was like damn funny all the times and I got from her phone some vocaloid's videos. Lol! She's damn kaito fan! Lol! I love my Rin and Len + Miku only! (Maybe a little Meiko *sexy~!)

OMG! This is the best thing very! Then I treated her eat Tako, and go my house, my mum cooked lunch for both of us. HAHA! Best eater in S'pore, totally.

Okay, tomorrow sure kill! I haven't really got all my stuffs ready.. How how how? I'm freaking out to a Tako soon!

Then she went home and Joey came to meet me with Brendon and Donovan. They make alot of noise outside my house. Damn it. That's why I don't really like inviting noisy people to my house. So does my mum. Lol!

Then I went to try to coloured the string to make it purple.. But failed! WHY?!? Then no choice.. Tomorrow then settle last min. It's not as if I did nothing okay? This cosplay is totally gone wrong! Plus, Haru mistake my cos already, then I collect already then found out yesterday. Which, I'm doomed!

It's suppose to be long sleeve, but why isit short?!? And Winona wasn't with me that day of the collection. Now, it's time to hang out with cosplayers more. Winona! I'm counting on you and all my cosplayers friends out there, cause I'm a noob! Lol!

Pictures will be upload tomorrow, cause I used Winona's phone to take and I haven't send to my phone YET! Lol! Wish us good luck folks!

And yeah.. anyone know who to cut wig?!? I want KAGURA'S WIG!! OMG!!

I actually let Joey to cut my wig!!! Then I've no side hair(wig) already! Lol! But she prefer it this way, one side long, one side short. I have totally no idea what she's thinking.. and yeah.. I found out something.. No, in fact, alot of things and understand more stuffs.. I think my way is the best! And yes.. TAKO, I♥YOU!

And where's my stupid prince, dead? LOL! He haven't been posting for YEARS!!! Darn it! -'-

Yeahs.. That's all..

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