Our time is here

by - 3:41 AM

Hey pips! Wow! Can't believe that S'pore is list under one of the most high rated countries who kena H1N1. Lol! And yes, I'm at the stupid airport now, hopping to get it. Hahs, no thanks. Just only wishes Joey gets it and we can skip school. Stupid time limit!! I gotta only 6mins to write what I want.

I'm here with Joey, Janessa, Step-one-LuoZhiXiang and ... a guy(Jian Cheng). Lol! I wondered where's the freaking toilet man. Lol. Cosfest is reaching soon, and Winona is making me turn into Tako mode now. Damn it man! I wanna peeeeee liao! HAHAHA!

Haiis.. I go find a toilet first then see luhh. Just hope when I come back, the computer is still available. Haha! And I feel that Joey is wasting my time, cause she wanted to see BC, so she pulled and draged me here. But in the end, she was like only far far look then go already. Stupid! Lol. Waste my time man. HAHA!

Oh boy.. It's now left 2mins, so...


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