Sup homies! ;DD

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Heya, so long didn't get to blog already. Pictures will be posted up soon with my computer is fix. Currently using my sister's lappy to blog and play my facebook mafia wars! Woots! And..

Computer man is coming to fix my computer this wednesday after 3pm, so I gotta go home before that, hopefully no one stops me!

Friday went to slack out with Fionna and Jeslyn and found the stupid place for half an hour cause we walked three rounds or more. Lol!

Then yesterday went out with Jeslyn to Compass Point, actually suppose to go to Paya Lebar to meet with the seller to get Flora's contact lens, but in the end didn't went. Going with Jeslyn and Fionna this coming Tuesday. Wee~!

And yes, things are back to like last year like that already. I'm back with Jeslyn and the toilet craze stuffs again. Oh well~

Yesterday camwhore at Compass toilet until people start to bang on the door. Jeslyn was like, there's not disable here in Compass, so it's just maybe some arse holes outside. Lol, and then guess what? There's a disable outside waiting! OMG! So guilty! Nevermind, we got out quickly and went to the Library.

It's funny when Jeslyn started taking out her vocab words and we're thinking of making the compo for marriage.

"Mummy, what's marriage?" - LOLOL!!

Then she took out the list to get those chim chim words, then we started playing with those words and make it all sound sooooo totally wrong. Lol! Somemore, we're sitting at the children section. Haha!

Jeslyn was wanting to write a compo about her 'husband'(*hint - Cleareance Sale) having an affair with an older woman(we were thinking it was.. *hint - Mrs Punk). Jeslyn wanting a word for shock, but more chim..

It was me who yelled out... Astounned? Lol!!! So wrong, totally.

Then we started to say their moves are great and stuffs.. O.O Then I do some Mr Ong's maths questions a few and it was late already. Time fly so fast pl0x! Lol! Then we went homeeee ;DD

Then I found out that my mum and sister ate my dinner and I was super hungry and pissed off!!! Lol!!!

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