Welcome me back!~ ♪

by - 4:31 AM

Hello dudes! I'm back! Yes, I know it's been long since I last blogged. And I'm glad to say that, my motherboard is well fixed and is really to go for another ride! Weee~!♥

My this June holidays real sucks. That's it! It sucks! Oh man~ But I'm glad to have holiday, although it seems like nothing to me. And there are still unfinished homework and stuffs. Oh great! How now? Oh dear, oh dear..

People in tag, I'll reply you guys later or tomorrow, cause I got homework not done and my mum is freaking nagging me like hell right now. Yes, and I'm hungry! I gotta go eat dinner already.. I think. Lol.

Damn it! I'm getting into a real bad headache. Today in class, VE, I fall asleep and wake up in time for next lesson, POA. Then I got dizzy and feel like puking. Although right now, I don't feel like puking, but I got this damn serious headache. And at night I'm coughing. Sshhh! I don't have h1n1, so don't worry. But just starting of school, and I got sick?!? It's not my style man.. Ha!

Gotta go already.. If not, really no more chance to use computer. Tada!~ ♪

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