7 Things - Edited version.

by - 6:31 AM

short ~

I probably shouldn't wear this
But at times I get so hot
When I think about the previous
short skirt that i wear

It was awesome but i lost em'
It's not possible for me not to cry
And now we're standing in the sun
But nothin's ever gonna change until you wear, my skirt
The short skirt that she wear

*The short skirt that she wear~
Oh, skirts~
Short skirts, big legs
and hairy thighs
you screw me, you love it
You make me hot you make me cold
I don't know which skirt to buy
Your skirts, they sucks
When you put them on
Just know it hurts~
I wanna wear the new skirt that i bought
And the 7th thing I hate the most that i wear
is granny's pj's

Trying singing it will ya? It's nice right? Comment! ;DD Wee~!
Might be making this into a video! Lol! If that happen, I need ALOT of peopl! Lol!(Maybe)
Cause 7things MV have many people in it. Lol! :D

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