by - 6:31 AM

Today only really study for three lesson - SS, Chem and Chinese.

Damn tired today. Mrs Hwee sick too. My head still pain for the fact that I 5months didn't sang a song and I went too high till I got dizzy all over.

Just now went to Bishan J8 with Evelyn to pay for the Japanese bags. The person came late for an hour, of cause she got informed us that she would be late. So we shopped an hour there and got lost many times. That is simply not a mall at all! Not that shopper friendly. Haha!

Okay, today don't wanna post too much. Very tired, didn't do Maths - Suppose to catch up in class work and do some TYS, but no time and too tired; SS - still got till Friday; Bio - later do the food test, workbook forget it; Hist - I can go hell, try tomorrow chiong, Chinese - Whatever. Fionna and me R.I.P! I think that's all.. Chem? Nah, I don't even know a single thing. Yeahs.. DIE!

Nevermind.. Me is off to try watch an anime first. ALL NOT LOADING!! WHY?!?


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