Ilumaaa trip~!

by - 6:07 AM

Went out with Lynn and Edmund today to Bugis @ Iluma. Meet with them 2.30PM and waited awhile for Edmund and went.

Reached Iluma and started to shop. Both of them are so damn quiet. Then went up to Otaku house to see stuffs for awhile and went out as the house is too small and many people inside. Then went to arcade. Lol! Hurhur! Jubeated one game, $1.50 for 4rounds, but sadly, no card yet allow, coming soon. Then guess who I saw? I saw alot of people, got Jeremery from zonex and cosplay friend, max. Lol! Was chatting with him a few days ago then saw him today. Chua tio me :X

Then went up to seven floor to slack and Edmund's sister came. Then we parted. Lynn and me walked around bugis and waited to meet some of my cosplay friends that I yet met untill just now. Lol! Then chatted with her at Bugis Junction there outside. Then went to meet Evelyn and Li Han was with her. Lol! He was that SLOW guy. Lol! Then Lynn said she gotta go, so I went back home with her. Evelyn continued to shop for her cosplay stuffs with Li Han. Then got some english songs from Lynn and reached sk quite fast. Buy dinner and went home. The stupid mee sua's chilli is so HOT and SPICY! Not going to put it again. Lol!

Okay, that's all. I'm off to sleep soon. Haha! Check if sgcafe is still working or not. Just now got database error. Nights fellows!

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