Macross Frontier ♥

by - 5:45 AM

Congrats me for watching finish Macross Frontier. Trust me, go watch this anime. It's nice plus me, ANGELUS CHAN, a person who fail to complete watching a series of anime can watch finish this, THIS IS SUPER NICE!

Firstly, although I'm sad that the ending is like this.. OMG! But does that means that there'll be season two? Lol! I wanna watch it! Movie this year end or next? D:

Secondly, that guy really die. Too bad for Klan. And I must insisted that although Alto looked like a girl or what, but when at the ending, he was very shuai! OMG!!

I'm not going to list down so many factors. Just go watch it. It's nice!

Oh yeahs, they provide you with nice songs too! ^^

Ratings: ********** 10/10! WEEE~!

P/S Now I have no idea what anime to watch already. Nothing is as nice as this! Gaga over macross frontier!~~

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