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Superman: Thank you!
Killuagal: Haha, I travelled to your blog quite far. Yup, doing to do Amu soon. But must wait for my Ikuto. She always wanna cosplay some other characters. -cries Your Yaya okay what, you didn't piak or what. Your hair colour is right too^^
Lester--: Beg me;D
germaine:DD: Candyfloss!!! ;DD <3 Hahs, nevermind, it's okay! Never online still can sms with you mah! ^.-
germaine:DD: Yup, toycon I going too! But not sure got cosplay or not. Haha! Sure sure, will call you alrights! Haha, me very expensive wors, wanna book me? Haha! Then must bring me candyfloss eat! Haha! Joking.
Evelyn: Uh? The outing? Lol! Opps! ;X
Evelyn: Thanks! Good luck for both you and me. And Winona the win man! ;DD

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