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fionna.: Do newspaper liao? D:
Evelyn: Haha! Sure sure!!
Evelyn: Yes.. But real life if boyfriend see girlfriend w/o makeup like this.. coma for five years!
Yosuke Aoi =3: Prepaid no money, you called? D:
Alice: Linked.
lester--: Zzz..
Brendon: That ulzzang then Ah Lian can? Lol!
sparten-117: Hi.
Alice: Oh.. I see.. My ah mei luhh..
Alice: Thanks!
Yosuke Aoi =3: I sprained tio wrist.

End Of Tags.

FUCK THIS NABEI!(I think my blog will kena spam again) LOL!

She's a chiobu you know!! Anyone know her? Please let me know! I wanna jio her.. Idk if she will like les or not.. Sad!!

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