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XT: My dear Mojojojo!~ ♥ LOL!
Xinyi: Lol, is from our sch canteen what .____. THANKS! ^^
germaine:DD: Yeahs! Haha! Ssshhh(: Umms.. Day 1 and 2 all for you! ♥
Brendon: You dumb la! I watched it long before you DID! xP Pwned!
yuuki: Did you? I forgot! :X I doing Ranka too! What doing what version? :X
BENben: Yepyep. I also watched a thousand times cause I'm bored. Ryan's videos all ver nice.
Superman: Thankyou! ♥
Yosuke Aoi =3: Wah! SIAO! How can I possibly find ppc to top up by monday? You're nuts. Lol! You call Brendon can? You got his number? No then you call my house today later I give you his number. Lol!

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