That's quite alot of stuffs.

by - 3:06 AM

Hey people! Computer is still at holiday, but I think it's at the heaven's airport now. Maybe coming home around next week or so. Yeah! Can't wait for mummy to be home. Mummy board, I missed you so much you know? Haha! Daddy board so mean, second time already, making mummy to visit you. Haha! I'm like so insane down here. Okay..

Today didn't went to school, cause unwell. Down with sickness of dizzyness and headache. Tck. And yup, things are just keeps gettin better. I hope. Mother asked me pray pray to my dad just now, hope that I won't get sick again. Haha! Yesyes!! Me don't wanna be sick and grow pimples okie? Lols.

Wait! I go visit tyipcalben and xiaxue's blogs first..

Nevermind, then got alot of homework haven't start doing yet. Esp ten years series. And SS, I hardly understand a single thing. Can't help it. Then I gotta do an essay on something I totally helpless on? Gotta ask Rachel to hurry start a study group soon!!!

I think I know what I'm going to cosplay for toycon already. If really can't make it time time, then don't cosplay. Lol! But AFA is a MUST!! Lol! Always been looking forward for AFA, how can I don't cosplay? But I don't wanna totally looking forward to it. Like EOY, go there so late already cause of my Lenalee's belt then the event like going to end. Tch, forget it! Haha!

Friday is a busy day. Going to meet up with YukiHoshi to get his Alto cos and I was thinking.. Should I buy from him his Tsuna's wig?? Must confirm and have enough cash by friday if I really want. OMGOMG! >x<

Nevermind, headache again. Gotta go! Toodles! ;DD

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