Tired but fun day! ♥

by - 12:00 AM


And yes! As you can seeeee, I went out to Yishun to find Zoe and bus85 is really slow! Then reached her house about 3PM and waited for her and went to her house. Her house is damn small and her room got unstyle wig for today's photoshoot and ciel's wig. Lol! Her door is green! First time seeing a green door!
Then chated with her awhile and we went to Bugis, Iluma. Trained there and it took ages. Got there and started to shop. Went to Otaku House, OH! I still find it funny.. Lol! Then saw Zoe's friend, quite friendly. She gave me her MSN. Hahas. Her boyfriend is also an otaku. Then went to eat upstair. Actually the food is quite cheap, but we didn't have enough money. Lol! Then we just went in to eat! OMG right? Lol!

Then we got just nice, $21.10. Lol! Then we forgot that there's GST and service charge. Lol! Then Zoe asked her friend to lend, then found out that in the end she also just nice for the meal. Haha! Then we asked her to ask from her boyfriend. Haha! Good thing we managed to get out of there. Haha! Then Yosuke went to find us.

We then went to find boots for cosplay. Lol! We saw 50% discount for black and white boots. Just nice for me and Zoe's cosplay! AFA! Here we come! $48! Must save for boots! Yeah! And then we went to find Gerard. Lol!

Yosuke said he know the way to OG, then he guided us ONE BIG ROUND! Damn you! Then went OG and asked for directions to Sim Lim. Haha! Then found it! Got there by 8PM. So late already. Too bad for you, national day still need to work! But do remember to help me ask if I can work there or not. Thankyou!

Then 8.30PM closed shop and Jasmine came to find Gerard. They're back together. Wow, going one year already. This is the first time I see people can last till so long!(Beside Sylvia, duh^^)

Then I forced Yosuke to treat us ice cream, craving for so long!! Cause he made us walked till wanna die! Haha, take that sucker! Then shared with Zoe the ice cream.

Gerard and Jasmine then went to play DDR at Iluma while me, Zoe and Yosuke trained home. Zoe took the purple line with me and changed to circle line. Reached home by 10PM. Just nice! Wee~!♪ Plus when I got home, no one at home yet!

Then used computer and watched animes till 1pm when mum got pissed off with me. Lol! I wanna get an itouch soon! My phone just still laging when I throw alot of videos into it! Darn it! Gerard, help me find itouch pl0x!! Lol!

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