Two Days!

by - 4:58 AM


I woke up late and skipped History lesson on Sat. Used computer till around 12plus going one when Chanel and gang came to my house. Too bad for Casandra, she needs to leave by 1.30PM. So they used my computer. XT tried to help me with Audi patch, but in the end it's just not working. Gah! Darn it. I want my HaruHaru.

Then I went to cook a horrible cup noodle. LOL! I cooked wrongly and it tasted like shit! LOL! Then Brendon tried to save my noodles. Yuck! Then XT, XY, Chanel they all stayed in my room and plurked and play with my computer and wig. LOL! My red wig! LOL!

Then after that we played MahJong and waited for Evelyn to come. Then she came and waited for us to play finish and then we went downstairs to dance! Yeah!

Dance for quite some time then we went back up and then actually wanna use my computer to cut the song but in the end cannot. Then too bad. Lousy computer!!

Then I showed them recent cosplays by some very nice cosplayers and we praised many of them! OMG! Then we do stupid stuffs. Then my mum wanted me to get prepare for later movie so Chanel and gang went home.

Then went out with Er Jie and Mum to eat Ajisen and watched 'Where Got Ghost?'. Lol! Then went home and sleep!


I only remembered that I went out with Jeslyn around evening time and went to Library to study and the person go kicked us out say no studying. Bleh! Then we went to the Kids Section and make alot of noise with the kids. LOL!

Then buy mee sua and shark fin soup home for my dinner to share with Er Jie.

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